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Remote Control

Cable-controlled vehicles are not only an inexpensive alternative to RC vehicles, but also come with a large number of additional functions. Cable-controlled vehicles help young children to better understand motor processes and to learn new things. They are the classic type of initial introduction to RC-related fun.

S.O.S. Team, 3-set.

Super Cross, 6-set.

Flip Top, 3-set.

Mini Twister, 3-set.

Approx. 26 cm rescue vehicles (police, fire brigade, emergency doctor) with... more
Approx. 27 cm off-roader with cable remote control for full driving function... more
Cable-controlled Cabriolet with the driving functions forward-straight and... more
The Mini Twisters by DICKIE mean a whole lot of fun; extremely movable due to... more

Big Bulldozer

Work Master

Wheel Loader

Mega Digger

42 cm Bulldozer with cable remote control, movable shovel, forward, backward,... more
The 40 cm wheel loader can move completely via the cable remote control. In... more
70 cm Mega Digger with cable remote control for full driving function,... more

Fire Engine

Fire Rescue

Flying Hero, 2-set.

Water ahead!” Watch out or get wet! The approx. 50 centimeter long MAN/Metz... more
Great 15 cm flying hero or flying comic Dino with cable remote control. Easy... more
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