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RC models or radio controlled models
are remote control models for operation on land, water or in
the air. Full function means that the vehicle features forwards,
backwards, right, left, stop functions as a bare minimum.

Digital proportional steering or
digital proportional acceleration

Digital proportional means that manoeuvres can be carried
out in incremental steps or gradually. This makes it possible
to exercise a great deal of control over the vehicle's behaviour
using the remote control. In contrast to vehicles without this function you can
make the model go "just a little faster" or "steer slightly to one side".

RTR stands for "Ready To Run", meaning that the model is ready to use as soon as you have inserted the batteries or charged the powerpack.
MHz - In the case of remote control systems based on MHz technology, commands are relayed by means of radio signals transmitted at specific frequencies. The exact frequency is determined by crystals in the transmitter and receiver. Each RC model with a MHz radio control system therefore requires a specific frequency or its own channel to enable several models to be operated at the same time without problems. Dickie Spielzeug therefore supplies its models with 27 MHz and 40 MHz frequencies.
GHz stands for the high frequency range from 2400 to 2483.5 MHz which is licence-exempt for Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM frequencies) applications. WLAN, Bluetooth and remote control devices are also operated in this frequency band.

In contrast to MHz remote control devices, GHz remote control devices require only one built-in crystal and special switching technology (synthesizer switch) for programming the required frequency. The GHz transmitter transmits data in encoded form which has to be decoded by the receiver. This means that the GHz transmitter and receiver must first be coordinated / paired with each other. This process is called "binding". After this binding process, the receiver only interprets the signals from its transmitter.

The big advantage of GHz technology is the number of models which can be operated at the same time with no problem and the quasi automatic switching to other free channels in the event of interference. GHz and MHz controlled models can therefore be used indoors and outdoors.
ABC switch/Tri-band technology
Vehicles boasting 27 MHz or 40 MHz frequency and an additional ABC switch have what is called "tri-band technology", i.e. several vehicles operating on the same basic frequency, e.g. 27 MHz or 40 MHz, can line up against each other without any interference by setting the switch to either A, B or C. This option is extremely useful if more than two children wish to have the same vehicles. Please note that vehicles from the standard Dickie range do not come with this technology..
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