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Mechanical Toys

Dickie Mechanics is the overall term for a large number of vehicles and playsets of the most varied design. Almost everything for the playroom or the playground can be found here.

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Constructors, 2-set.

City Cleaner

Snow Service

City Cleaner Set, 3-set.

10 cm constructors, 2 trucks with freewheel function and sound, construction... more
48 cm snow groomer with freewheel function, light, sound and movable parts... more
22 cm City Cleaner set, garbage truck with friction movement including action... more

Autotransporter, 3-sort.

City Team

City Worker

City Service, 3-set.

35 cm city vehicles, freewheel, movable parts, accessories, sprinter in... more

Air Pump Truck

Pump Action Garbage Truck

Pump Action Tow Truck

Pump Action Loader

55 cm dump truck with special air pump function to raise and lower the body,... more
55 cm garbage truck with a special air pump function to raise and lower the... more
55 cm tow truck with special air pump function to raise and lower the crane... more
The 54 cm Pump Action Loader from the Mechanik series is available as a... more
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Pages: 1  2  3  4  5  6
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