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Kids Mate
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Race Trophy, 3-set.

Cargo Master, 3-set.

Construction Set

Stone Master

Approx. 31 cm race trucks in different designs with friction movement drive and... more
Cargo Master, Stapler in 2 different colors with friction movement, driver... more
The set consists of a 60 cm low-loader, incl. three construction vehicles... more
The 50 cm Stone Master from the Kids Mate series is available as a... more

Iveco Fire Engine

Fire Alarm Set

Fendt tractor Set, 2-set.

Fendt tractor, 3-set.

The 30 cm Iveco Fire Engine has friction drive, sound, a manually functioning... more
The 34 cm Unimog set consists of a 23 cm Mercedes Benz fire truck with opening... more
The Kids Mate tractor Set includes jeweils a 45 cm Fendt tractor with trailer,... more
The 24 cm Fendt tractor has friction drive, doors and an opening hood;... more

Farm Tractor, 4-set.

Farm Tractor Set, 4-set.

CLAAS Jaguar, 2-set.

Zipzap Plane

Tractor with friction movement drive and front loader, steerable, with driver... more
42 cm steerable tractor with friction movement drive and trailer; the set also... more
34 cm Claas Jaguar forage harvester in the scale 1:24 with friction movement,... more
40 cm Jumbo passenger plane with friction movement, light and sound, 40 cm,... more
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