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Kids Mate
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Truck Service, 3-set.

Road Service, 4-set.

Street Service

City Cleaner, 5-set.

The 27 cm Kids Mate Truck Service vehicles have friction, movable parts,... more
On the roads and ready for action - that is the road service. No matter whether... more
The garbage truck with Mercedes Econic driver's cabin is manufactured in the... more
5 different street cleaning machines with friction movement for widest range of... more

Street Roller

Street Worker

Heavy Digger, 3-set.

City Service Team, 3-set.

Tandem roller with freewheel function and movable parts. Among other things,... more
Asphalt finisher with freewheel function and movable parts. Among other things,... more
The 30 cm digger is fully movable. Here the shovel can be manually operated.... more
3 different Sets consisting of a truck and stacker or a sweeper, friction,... more

Multicar Fumo, 4-set.

Heavy City Truck, 8-set.

Construction Team, 4-set.

City Trailer Set, 3-set.

The friction-operated model of the Fumo multi-car is manufactured in the scale... more
25 cm truck with different add-ons, movable parts and accessories. Available in... more
The 49 cm Kids Mate Construction Team consists of a Mercedes trailer truck with... more
The City Trailer Set, consists of a 46 cm Unimog including trailer and a Volvo... more
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Pages: 1  2  3  4  5  6
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