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Kids Mate
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Mini Cooper Convertible, 4-set.

S.O.S. Trailer Set, 2-set.

Holiday Trailer

City Liner, 2-set.

Mini Cooper with detailed design in the scale 1:18. The vehicles have friction... more
Unimog with rescue boat and two divers, length of the vehicle with trailer... more
Holiday Trailer with friction movement drive, opening doors, the roof is... more
Tram with freewheel function, opening doors, size 46 cm. more

Snow Mobile, 3-set.

S.O.S. bike, 3-set.

Express Truck, 3-set.

Work Team, 5-set.

19 cm jet-ski with freewheel function, opening hood, movable parts. more
20 cm S.O.S.-Bike with driver action figure and friction drive, police, fire... more
The 38 cm Kids Mate Express Trailer Truck has a friction drive and is available... more
The Kids Mate Work Team consists of different construction vehicles with... more

Garden Master, 3-set.

Mini Loader, 3-set.

Mini Digger, 3-set.

Transporter Set, 2-set.

13 cm lawnmower which many would like to have as an original in the garden. The... more
13 cm mini-loader with friction movement, movable parts, scale 1:24 more
22 cm Volvo digger with friction movement, movable parts, scale 1:24 more
The 59 cm Transporter Set consists of 3 freewheel cars and a car transporter... more
Page: (3 of 6)
Pages: 1  2  3  4  5  6
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