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Kids Mate
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Construction Set

Big Construction Set

S.O.S. Set

Farm Set

The set (1:43 scale) consists of an MB Truck Zetros with a crane, a fork-lift... more
The extensive play set (1:43 scale) consists of a low-loader, a Mercedes Zetros... more
The S.O.S. set (1:43 scale) consists of a fire engine, two off-roaders, a... more
The set (1:43 scale) consists of a tractor with a front bucket and two... more

Explorer Set

Street Amarok, 3-sort.

S.O.S. Amarok, 3-sort.

Pick Up Amarok, 3-sort.

The Explorer set from the Kids Mate series consists of a truck, off-roader with... more
VW pick-up Amarok as an approx. 11.5 cm replica (1:43 scale) with interior in... more
VW pick-up Amarok as an emergency vehicle, various designs, fire engine or... more
VW pick-up Amarok as a competition car for rough and tough off-road use,... more

Sea Rescue Set

City Express Bus, 3-set.

Holiday Traveler, 3-set.

Holiday Camper

The set consists of a friction-operated helicopter with cable winch, a rescue... more
The City Express Bus has friction, the doors open, including driver action... more
The 27 cm Holiday Traveler Travego Bus has friction, opening doors and a driver... more
Authentic camper with the scale 1:18; with friction movement drive. The set has... more
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